Pooper Scooper Services - Dog Waste Removal

ScooperStars are your local hometown heroes to help keep your yard safe and clean and save you time, so you can do the things you love.

Scooperstars offers ongoing services for your home.

1 x Per Week Pooper Scooper Service

By far the most popular option for 1 to 2 dogs

2 x Per Week Scooper Service

Optimal for 3+ dogs

3 x Per Week Scooper Service

Best for those who have a lot of dogs, or just really like to keep the yard dog waste free.

**3x per week is limited in some areas. Please contact us to make sure we have availability in your area.

1 x Cleanings

When you just need someone to slide in and scoop up all the dog waste and haul it off we also have 1x cleanings to save the day. Whether it is a backyard wedding, you were on vacation and the dog sitter didn’t clean, or you have a rental property that just wasn’t maintained, maybe time slipped away this week, we can handle any job.

Availability is limited due to our regular maintenance schedules. Please contact us for a quote.

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